Push Button Notification 

Push notifications can be displayed on clients when certain conditions, predefined in the Configurator, occur.

On / Off Command

The “Switch” object can be used for several control modes: toggle, dimmering, sending of “1” value, sending of “0” value, sending of “1” on pressure and “0” on release, sending of byte value, etc.

RGB Lamp

RGB lamps can be configured and programmed using the Configurator, specifying the KNX groups of color groups.

Rollers & Blinds

“Rollers” and “Blinds” objects contain KNX groups to move, to stop and to obtain a feedback of shades, blinds, etc.

Analogical Values

“The “Analogical value” object allows to visualize analogical values (for example meteo data such as wind speed, outdoor temperature, etc.) and to send them to a KNX group (for example to adjust threshold values).


“The “Report” object allows to monitor one or more KNX groups and to send an e-mail message with a report to a list of receivers. The report can be sent in text or html format.

IP Cameras

In order to visualize the images coming from an IP camera on the client, you only have to set the addresses (local and remote), the model and the access credentials in the Configurator.

Calendar and Clocks

“Switch” objects can be temporized using two different modes: the “Calendar” mode allows to set complex temporizations, while the “Switch Schedule” mode allows to set six weekly temporizations.

Loads Control

The loads control allows to monitor the electric energy consumption. Disarm thresholds and rearm intervals can be set using the Configurator.


The chronothermostat is used to interact with a KNX thermostat and allows to set weekly timers to control the temperature. The desired temperature can be hourly and daily set.


Scene is a sequence of programmed actions such as the switching on of the lights in a room. This list of action can be predetermined by the user through the scene recording function.


Weather forecast can be displayed into the client by setting the desired locations in the Configurator.

AntiTheft System

ThinKnx includes a large-scale integration of anti-theft systems. All the system parameters, partitions and sensors can be adjusted in the Configurator. The user can arm or disarm one or all the partitions, exclude some sensors or visualize the alerted ones.

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