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Bringing the Best Together

The best products from the world over, brought together for the discerning customers to choose from. Matching quality products with impeccable support and service. That in essence defines Adler International. 



Adler International Pte Ltd has built a reputation in Singapore as an integrated solutions provider for home and business automation. Currently, the company is strategically adding more products and services to its portfolio to further establish as the foremost solutions provider among its growing competitors.Its customers have come to expect the offerings from the company to be of the highest quality. The goodwill the company enjoys among its loyal clientele makes it easier for it to expand to newer, related categories. Thus, the company is now strategically adding more products and services in its portfolio to further establish as the foremost solutions provider among its growing customer base.


Over the years, the company has played a key role as distributors/dealers in introducing and establishing niche European brands like  Lingg and Janke, Simon, and Siedle in Singapore. Adler is also actively marketing the privacy solutions brand FlickSee ( in ASEAN countries. Recently, Adler has acquired the regional distributorship for the premium Israeli building automation brand Vitrea ( the ASEAN countries.


Rather than a strategic move, it was an organic expansion that found Adler International Pte Ltd entering the markets in neighbouring South East Asian countries. Singapore being the gateway and the key market in the region, customers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Loas, Myanmar, and Brunei fulfil their requirements through us. The company is building a network of dealers/business associates in each  of these countries to serve the local customer base batter. A well-knit distributor/dealer network in the region will be beneficial to both the product manufacturer/principal and the company well as its regional dealers, as it helps to spread the marketing and brand promotion overheads and reach a larger customer base.


Adler International Pte Ltd is currently adding qualified system integrators to its panel of approved, hand-picked technicians in all markets it is actively present, albeit at a slow pace due to the pandemic. This will benefit the customers as the response time will be reduced, and quality of service can be ensured while the system integrators can focus on their job with an assured flow of customers through centralised marketing campaigns carried out by the company. 



Adler International Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2003 as International Security Products Pte Ltd. The name was changed to Adler International Pte Ltd in 2016 when the company began to expand its operations to include home and business automation.

Adler International is part of Schempp Group of companies. The group has been present in Singapore since 1998.The Group has its presence in Singapore since 1998 and has three stand-alone businesses in its fold. The Schempp Group of Companies is headquartered in the idyllic suburbs of Stuttgart, Germany with operations in Germany and Singapore. The founder of the group, Mr Hans-Martin Schempp, an entrepreneur with many decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur having founded companies like MMD, Top Reise Club. , Oaseweil. ,   .He  has pledged considerable resources towards multitude of deserving philanthropic projects across the world through One World Family ( 

Schempp Group of  Companies 

Schempp Group of Companies


The three companies under the group in Singapore are:


Schempp Security Systems Pte Ltd, established in 1998



Adler International Pte Ltd, established in 2003


Schempp Protection and Investigation Services Pte Ltd, established in 2012


The three group companies in Singapore share the same core values of the group even as each of them is managed independently as a profit centre. They work synergistically in the fields of security services, security and access control equipment sales, installation, and service, and home and building automation products. 


Ms Chandrika Nair is the Executive Director of Schempp Security Systems Pte Ltd and Adler International Pte Ltd, and streamlines the operations of the group’s operations within the South East Asia region.


Overview of other Group Companies


Schempp Security Systems Pte Ltd


Established in 1998, Schempp Security Systems Pte Ltd  is a respectable name in security equipment sales, installation and service. The company undertakes projects of varying sizes in residential, commercial, industrial projects apart from defence projects commissioned by Singapore government. The company is also domain-specific subcontractors for governmental projects.


Schempp Protection and Investigation Service Pte Ltd


The youngest member of the Group, Schempp Protection and Investigation Services Pte Ltd, was started in 2012 as a security and investigations service provider. The company has has a highly-trained workforce to secure and protect residential and commercial premises. It also offers discrete protection services for dignitaries and celebrities, and on-demand security coverage for private and corporate events.

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