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Want those old switches
and sockets fixed?

Leave it to the experts

If you think it’s time you changed those outdated switches and sockets, it’s time you called us. Adler's qualified electricians and contractors specialise in transforming HDB apartments, whether it's a single switch or an entire space. And we offer an upgrade with European switches and sockets from Simon, Spain.

Simon Switches offer a stunning selection of extremely durable switches and sockets with an emphasis on safety. They come in a series of contemporary designs, allowing you to add a touch of modern elegance to your home. At prices that are surprisingly reasonable for the quality and style they offer

As the trusted distributor of Simon Switches, Adler International ensures that these sophisticated switches are installed by experts.

Want us to call you?

We can tell you all about the exciting products and installation options we have on offer. On top of it, we will also place your name on our list of special customers so that you can claim a discount any time you are ready to place an order.


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