Deluxe Handsfree Technology 

The deluxe models of the handsfree telephones are designed to address more discerning requirements. They enable individually programmable switching functions and the creation of an internal communication system.


The Siedle Individual design concept enables a wide range of materials and surface finishes, allowing the deluxe handsfree devices to blend unobtrusively in with an individual furnishing concept or corporate design. 


For complex requirements: The deluxe model makes a big impression with integrated video memory, programmable function buttons and cross-shaped control element. This conceals an extensive range of functional features which can be easily accessed but appear only as required. Operation using a screen menu works with amazing simplicity.




All Siedle indoor stations are also available in a table-top version as an alternative to wall mounting. A support leg with connecting cable position the devices at a set up angle of 65 degrees, guaranteeing optimum display legibility 


As individual as your furnishing concept: Indoor stations from Siedle allow enormous scope for design creativity. 14 standard versions and a Manufacture range address every conceivable requirement.