The Siedle Steel communication system was developed as a means of realizing wishes, plans and ideas. It offers scope for individual design creativity with all the quality and precision of industrial manufacture.


It is this which sets Siedle Steel apart from individually designed solutions by craftsmen, which can never match the standard of precision workmanship and material quality achievable using modern industrial production.

  • Pass Through Letter Box

    If the mail is removed from the back, there is no lock to interrupt the minimal design look. 
    the minimal design look. Letterbox system made of brushed stainless steel, fitted with an intercom unit and engraved call button.

  • The Steel Design 

    The Steel design brings out the aesthetic merit of the material to optimum effect. Letterboxes, lighting and door communication combine to create the perfect ensemble exuding elegance and sophistication in the entrance area. Letterbox system in burnished brass with surface area light, laser inscription, intercom unit and large-format button.

  • Stainless Steel Removal Door for Pass-Through Letterboxes

    The removal door at the back including the removal shaft and frame can optionally also be provided in stainless steel. While the high-grade material enhances the optical appeal, the changed design also permits simple plaster compensation with the subsequently mountable and displaceable removal door. In addition, an all-round sealing lip protects against drafts.

  • Mail Removal from The front 

    Here too, the wall accommodates the letterbox housing but without breaking through to the back. The mail is removed from the front. Letterbox system made of brushed stainless steel, with video camera, intercom unit and engraved call button.

  • PVD Coated

    Same configuration, totally different effect: The character is determined by the material.Letterbox system in high-gloss brass look (PVD coated)

  • Perfect Geometrical

    Perfect geometrical alignment also when arranged in horizontal formation. The inscription appears easily legible, illuminated by the surface area light. Its luminous intensity is sufficient to also light up the letterbox. 
    Letterbox system in brushed stainless steel with LED surface area light, film inscription, intercom unit, electronic key and large-dimension button.

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